Recommended CAD software

A recommended CAD software for secondary school students, Google SketchUp is one of the best free CAD. The free version has no limitations except migrating your file to different software (in other words you can not save your file in different formats). It provides one of the simplest 3D design interfaces that can be ever seen.

Even if you are not familiar with CAD software before, you can have some nice modeling work put together in minutes.

Of course, if you're looking to create a detailed designs, with accurate dimensions, you'll need some time learning the program commands. The great thing is that, you can find large number of videos in YouTube that helps beginners to start learning this grate software.

Sketchup is recommended for Libyan Students in secondary school

I strongly support teaching Google Sketchup in secondary school in Libya to strengthen the students imagination and their computer skills. 

I advice all parents to install it and introduce it to there beloved kids. 

why it is recommended?

Because  it is free, easy to learn, encourage the students to start learning other professional CAD packages.

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