A review paper published this month (August 2013) mentioned an early work conducted by me entitled "Development of a CAD/CAM system for the closed-die forging process,” Journal of Materials Processing Technology, vol. 138, pp. 436–442, 2003." I conducted this work during my master study in University Putra Malaysia.  


Application of optimization techniques in metal forging- A review and reflection

Abstract— Optimization of forging process is required to reduce the production cost of the die as well as the forged part and also to increase the accuracy of the die and the forged part. In metal forging process the performance of the die and hence product quality is heavily dependent on various parameters. In order to reduce the cost of forging process and make it competent with other production methods, it is essential to optimize these parameters that will facilitate a risk free manufacturing environment which can help to minimize the overall cost. In metal forging optimization problems, the interest is to produce quality products with minimum energy. A significant improvement in process efficiency may be obtained by process parameter optimization that identifies and determines the regions of critical process control factors leading to desired outputs or responses with acceptable variations ensuring a lower cost of manufacturing. Since the past few years computer aided engineering (CAE) techniques have been widely used for research in metal forging. Amongst them finite element analyses (FEA) have been greatly successful to provide the understanding of metal flow and die stresses for different forming processes. The present paper attempts a literature survey on the applications of finite element method (FEM), statistical tools and soft computing (SC) tools in metal forging processes.

Jolgaf et al. [45] developed a system that can simulate and optimize the die design and based on the result, a achining code is produced using available CAM software and then fabricate using CNC machine. The integration between CAD and CAM tools can be utilized in the manufacturing process for economic production

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