1st : Development of human resources in Kufra:
- Social and demographic changes.
- Role of women in society.
- Education, rehabilitation and training.
- Social security and peace.

2nd: Development of natural resources in Kufra:
- Groundwater and ways of sustainability.
- Exploitation techniques and renewable energy Investment.
- Exploitation and investment techniques ores and minerals.
- Plant and animal resources and sustainability. - Tourism and Antiquities.
- Investment the geographical location in the development of domestic and international trade.

3rd: spatial development and services in Kufra:
- Urban Planning and Land Use.
- Infrastructure, priorities, obstacles.
- Ways to address bottlenecks housing and stimulate real estate investment.
- Health and education services and ways of enhancing.
- Ways to develop the Communications and Information Technology.
- The application of geographic information systems (GIS) in development projects.
- The impact of development on the environment.

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